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0 Comments mei 11, 2020

Removal company damage: what are your rights?

During the move, your belongings are usually covered by your own household contents insurance. They are often even insured in both houses for a few months. What if it is not you, but a moving company that damages your furniture? What can you do then? When hiring a removal company, it is wise to check whether it is properly insured. Removal companies that are affiliated with the trade association Approved Movers, all work under the same conditions, which have been drawn up in cooperation with the Consumers’ Association. The conditions state, among other things, that damage caused by the removal company will almost always be compensated by them, unless there is a ground for exclusion that can be found in the conditions. Notification of loss If you have just been moved by a removal company, check as soon as possible whether all your belongings are still damage free. Preferably make a damage report within two working days. If you have not reported any damage within fourteen days, this is in principle no longer possible, unless you have a good reason to do so. RADAR+: Moving without stress Based on your damage report, the removal company will choose whether the damage is of such a magnitude that an expert will have to visit you, or whether it can be solved on site. The expert will present his findings to the insurer, who will make a decision about possible payment. If the insurer decides to hold the removal company liable, the insurer will pay out to the removal company and then to you. If you do not agree with the insurer’s decision, you can go to the independent Disputes Committee, which will reconsider the matter. Conditions If you are hiring a removal company that is not affiliated with Erkende Verhuizers (Acknowledged Movers), please pay close attention to the conditions. Some of these removal companies have stated in their conditions that they are not liable if materials are lost or stolen during the removal. They often work with liability insurance: you as the client must then prove that the damage was caused by the removal company and not by yourself. In addition, non-recognized removal companies sometimes charge an excess, which means that not all damage will be compensated. Damage free moving “Verhuisbedrijf Rotterdam ” Finally, according to Erkende Verhuizers (Acknowledged Movers) you can prepare yourself well to get through a move as damage free as possible. If you pack your belongings yourself, do so according to the packing instructions given to you by the removal company. In addition, make sure that the walking route for the movers is free of obstacles that can be tripped over. Before the move, take pictures of your belongings to avoid any discussion and keep the purchase receipts: in case of damage, usually the new price will be paid, with some exceptions such as cars and rare objects. Columnist Iris Böhm previously gave some tips on choosing a moving company. Read her column via the link below. Would you like to hire a removal company? Here you should pay attention